Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ben Kammin - seventunes&threesongs (2001)

I've been wanting to post this album for a long while but because I had nothing to do with this project I needed to get the OK from the artist. Ben Kammin is a fingerstyle guitarist in the style of Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke. I first ran into Ben many years ago when he was playing at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. I ran into him a few more times before striking up a conversation with him. There was a lot of common ground between us as musical influences go and I really wanted to work with him in some way. It took a few years but I finally got him into my basement studio to do some demos. These are not them.

What we have here is Ben's first CD. Recorded and released in 2001 it predates our demo sessions. This CD is sold out and out of print with no plans at this time to reissue. I wanted to share this for many reasons but mainly to give more people access to this album. More often than not I have had to listen to Ben tell inquiring fans about the unavailability of this CD. So with Ben's approval I am putting this up here for all to download and enjoy.

  1. jesu, joy of man's desiring -j.s. bach (arr. david qualey)
  2. amazing grace -traditional (arr. randy scruggs)
  3. solitude -ben kammin (chorus by william blake)
  4. the happy couple -michael hedges
  5. too much saturn -francis dunnery (arr. ben kammin)
  6. dreamsketcher -billy mclaughlin
  7. ojo -leo kottke
  8. let them in -anonymous (melody based on an arr. by david wilcox)
  9. song for robbie -peppino d'agostino
  10. first to go -leo kottke
For more information about Ben and his performance schedule go to his website (www.benkammin.com) then go out and see him, you won't be disappointed.


The Road to Mallow [Peter Mulvey]
Here is one song from our demo session. Ben often plays this live and this is a fine rendition.