Sunday, December 7, 2008

Silent Rage - Breakfast With Dick (1984/5?)

Milwaukee's Silent Rage was one of those bands that never left the basement but should have. They only played once in front of a paying crowd with this line-up but left them wanting more. These recordings were done straight to cassette during rehearsals but what they lack in sound quality they more than make up for in high energy performances. With a reputation of obsessive perfection the attention to detail shows in each song. Though they lacked original music their excellent skills as musicians was never compromised. So here it is folks, the legendary Silent Rage.

Silent Rage
Breakfast With Dick

Pat Brooks - Vocals
Geof Fischer - Guitar
Dale Jensen - Bass
Greg Adisac - Drums

  1. Running Wild
  2. Night Hunter
  3. All I Want
  4. Hell Bender
  5. Shout At The Devil
  6. Another Piece Of Meat
  7. Take It To The Limit
  8. Tell No Lies
  9. She Used Me Up
  10. Two Timer
  11. Backs To The Wall
  12. Crash Course In Brain Surgery
  13. Suicide Solution
  14. For The Future
  15. Grinder
  16. Misunderstood
  17. Rock And Roll Child
  18. Long Live Rock And Roll

If any of the former members would like to correct any information or add to this please do.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Slider - Project 1 (1986)

Slider was the first collaborative recording project between Pat and Daniel Brooks. It was recorded on a Fostex X-15 4-Track cassette recorder. There are actually three different groups of recordings; the first group are completely solo recordings by Pat, another are solo recordings by Daniel and the third are true collaborations. This last group of recordings were achieved by passing the recorder from one to the other and then back, building up to a finished product. Pat enlisted the keyboard skills of one "Ninja" Bob Lapp to
flesh out some of the songs.

The final results are a pleasant listen and not bad for a freshman effort. Daniel has re-recorded many of his songs over the years usually with better results or at least better sound quality, although the version of "Two for the Love of One" here remains the definitive version despite the low recording quality.

The Bonus tracks are all from around the period when the album was recorded. Mostly ideas that went no further (Trowerrip, Floydianbass) or Accidental oddities (Kids Fight Back).

Slider - Project 1

A Short Prayer*
Misty Morning Sunrise*
Piece of Mind+
Strong Emotion+
To Be One With The King*
Walking With The Dead*
Two For The Love Of One-
I Remember Sara+
Alone At Last+
All In Time+
A Short Prayer (Reprise)*

Bonus Tracks

Kids Fight Back*
Guitar Mayhem*

Pat Brooks - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Daniel Brooks - Guitars, Vocals, Bass

Saxon Brooks - Vocal on Strong Emotion
"Ninja" Bob Lapp - Keyboards on A Short Prayer, Misty Morning Sunrise, Two For The Love Of One, Alone At Last

* Written by Pat Brooks
+ Written By Daniel Brooks
- Written by Daniel Maytum/Daniel Brooks