The History of Sybil Records

Sybil Records was conceived in the late 80s as a catch-all clearing house for the recorded output of Pat and Daniel Brooks. The original concept came out of the fact that we didn't play in just one style or genre. So we came up with the idea of one label with many bands but in reality each band contained the same core group of players. The music would be divided among the different bands according to style.

Although things didn't happen quite they way we wanted them to (do they ever?), Sybil Records did become a way of releasing anything we were involved in even if it was just among friends. The one constant from project to project is the involvement of Pat and/or Daniel in some capacity whether as performer, producer or engineer.

Over the years there have been many projects, some good, some so-so. We will be releasing most of them through this site over time when we feel like it. The goal is to clean out the cupboards so to speak so that we can concentrate on new projects which we will share as they are ready.