Friday, June 26, 2009

Pearhead - Barefoot on a Gravel Road (2009)

This project grew from some simple guitar and vocal demos which were slowly layered with, well, just about everything. Kenny Parisot wrote all of the songs, sang lead vocals, and played guitar and banjo.

Pat produced and engineered while Daniel acted as associate producer and 2nd engineer. A small group of friends jumped in and played a little bit of everything and a good time was had by all.

Out of all this emerged a core group of contributors (Kenny, Pat, Jay, Dan and Ryan) who have continued to record under the Pearhead name. We have already begun the next album and have done some sporadic impromptu gigs.

1. Remember Love
2. Red, White and Blue
3. Tell the Wind
4. Ghetto Song
5. Cinnamon Roll
6. Whisker on a Kitty
7. Set You Free
8. Michelle
9. Norwegian Girl
10. Brown Guitar
11. Rocky’s Place
12. Soft Mattress
13. French Girl
14. None and Slim
15. Feather in Her Hat

Kenny Parisot - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, piano, song writing

Pat Brooks - electric guitars, keyboards, production
Jay Showman - acoustic and electric guitars
Dan Brooks - bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards
Ryan Carter - drums

The Southern Hospitality Sunshine Singers -
Barb, Saxon, Ben, Charity, Pat, Sam, Ben, Dan

Guest appearances by:
Barbara Meyer-Spidell, Brett Burrow, Brian Johnston, Tam Lin, Mark Schoemann


The Big Drink said...

No mention of Barbara Meyer- Spidell's work on this album at all? I thought that you would surely recommend her as a vocalist or at least give her credit as being on the album....

UncaDan said...

Barbara is first on the list of singers as part of the Southern Hospitality Sunshine Singers. As I said, this post is still a work in progress, backing vocalists' last names were dropped due to space constraints and laziness on my part. Keep checking back.