Saturday, February 13, 2010

xxxCelerators - 2010

Here are four songs from a friend of mine Brian Wurch (rhymes with lurch or birch). While I had no hand in the production of these songs (although the bass line on track three is modeled on the line I did on the original demo) the CD these songs come from were mostly produced and engineered by me.

These songs originally were released on a 12 song CD called Book of Detroit by Brian Damage and the Accelerators. That band slowly mutated into The xxxCelerators and assembled in my humble basement studio over three nights and recorded some songs so that I could gain some experience with my new recording gear. We re-recorded the other eight songs from Book of Detroit along with five new songs.

Over the course of the next three years Brian and I layered more guitars, keyboards, horns, mandolins, violins and anything else we could onto those basic tracks. We also recorded one more song and added these four songs from Book of Detroit that we did not re-record to fill out the CD to 18 tracks.

Well after three years of dubbing, mixing, re-mixing, tweaking and more dubbing and mixing we have finally reached a point where we can do no more. It is done, finished. complete. To give you a taste of what's coming and while we wait for funds for duplication and packaging so we can get this baby on the market here are the four songs from Book of Detroit.

  1. Nighttime
  2. Blue Dress
  3. Good Good Girl


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