Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Site!

We have opened a new site for Sybil Records. Our hope is that the new site will allow more content and better navigation. This site will not be going away but its focus will be changing slightly. We will still announce new projects and provide links to download here but the new site will be the place for more info about the projects and the artists. Here we will talk about works in progress as well as posting individual songs that otherwise might never be heard. One off recordings such as covers, originals and jam sessions that have no obvious place in a larger project. The hope is for weekly posts but I wouldn't hold me to that.

You can find the new site at sites.google.com/site/sybilrecords. 

To get things started here is a cover of Chuck Berry's Memphis/My Marie on ukulele. This is an Uncle Dan recording that joins Chuck's Memphis Tennessee with its answer/sequel song My Marie. Daniel Brooks performs all instruments and vocals.

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