Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Strange - Borders Are Patroled (1987)

The mighty Baby Strange. Hailing from Waukesha Wisconsin, Baby Strange's brief existence only lasted two years. But from 1986 through 1988 this band was a beast refusing to be tamed. Made up of two sets of brothers, Scott (drums) and Jerry (vocals) Halverson and Pat (guitar) and Dan (bass) Brooks, Baby Strange struggled to find its place within the local music scene.

This band gave me some of my highest and lowest points in my music career, sometimes both within the span of fifteen minutes. No matter how much we rehearsed, each performance was like starting over. Sometimes we nailed it, other times we crashed and burned.

This is a collection of songs gathered from the few existing rehearsal tapes. It contains covers and originals, some of which Pat would record later with Tony Bear and even later with Heavy Nova. But many of these songs died with the band. Songwriting was a collective collaboration with lyrics coming from Pat, Dan and Jerry and music mostly from Pat then finally arranged by the band as a whole.

Due to the loss of the original files and the lack of enthusiasm to remaster these tapes. these are presented in a lowly bitrate of 128, but with the low quality of the source tapes you're not missing anything anyway.

Jerry Halverson - Vocals
Pat Brooks - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Scott Halverson - Drums
Dan Brooks - Bass

  1. Solid Steel
  2. Fight Back
  3. Train Kept-A-Rollin'
  4. Warrior
  5. Years Ago
  6. Borders Are Patroled (PGJ)
  7. Pain Maker
  8. Frustrated
  9. Cry No More
  10. Sad Sadie
  11. Running From Myself
  12. Captain Midnight
  13. Green Manalishi
  14. How Many More Days
  15. Radar Love
  16. Wild Thing


For more Baby Strange, check out their MySpace page.

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