Friday, January 9, 2009

Blind Prophet (1979-83?)

Four Guys, Four cases of beer, three and a half songs and no documented proof.

Kevin - Guitar (All other chords and melodic solos)
Dan - Random bass (Low E goes plbplbplbplb)
Pat - Guitar (Chords I-IV-V and noise solos)
Clint - Drums (No cymbals) Band transport and beer runs

Blind Prophet was our first band (sort of). We had a lot of fun but we never really got anything done. Like most first bands, we played more at each other than with each other. Rehearsals were more social events than practice sessions. We would camp out at Clint's house for the weekend where we would play for a couple hours then break for a couple hours then play some more then another break and so on. Some of us were more serious than others. Kevin is a dedicated guitarist, Pat is in a working band, I was more a music tease (sometimes I enjoyed it, sometimes I didn't care), Clint has disappeared. In all the time we spent jamming we only ever played three songs completely through and none of them more than once or more than one during the same session. All in all though they were good times and I would do it all again if I had to.

The picture above is the only documentation that the band actually existed and that actually dates from a "reunion" in the early 80s. There are no tapes of any kind that we know of so there is nothing to download, just a lot of memories and too many stories than space allows.

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