Saturday, January 3, 2009

Heavy Nova - Alternate Routes (2009)

Heavy Nova is Pat's current gig. They play around the Milwaukee area when the mood strikes them but put on a great show and is always a good time. This is a collection of alternate takes, mixes and live tracks. Tracks 1,3 and 6 are alternate mixes of tracks found on their debut CD Miles of Cock. Track 4 is an alternate take from the sessions for that album. Track 9 was created from unused tracks from the solo section of Dangerous Tonight, also from that album. Tracks 2 and 7 are demos recorded prior to sessions for the album. Tracks 5 and 8 are live recordings of two songs never recorded in the studio and are no longer being performed or at this time being considered for their next CD.

Heavy Nova is:

Brian Johnston - Guitar
Brett Burrow - Bass
Pat Brooks - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Hoke - Drums

  1. Dangerous Tonight (Big STT Mix)
  2. Reflected (Attic Demo)
  3. Fade Away (Wood Mix)
  4. Government (Early Take)
  5. Going Nowhere Fast (Live Shank Hall 8.18.06)
  6. Take My Heart (DeePer Mix)
  7. Broken Glass (Attic Demo)
  8. Running From Myself (Live Shank Hall 11.18.06)
  9. Dangerous Reprise

For more Heavy Nova visit their website at There you can find info on their album Miles of Cock and how to get it, bios of the band members, pictures and video clips and the latest info on upcoming gigs.

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Brian said...

Love the alternate cover--thanks so much, UncaDan!!!